Business Plan

WUPHF is a collaborative class project between T. Vance Roley, Geoffrey Friesen, and myself. The goal of the project was to create a business plan for a fictitious company (based on the “WUPHF” product from the television show “The Office”).

For the character Kelly, it was impossible to remember where she heard or saw something. Every day she would talk, video chat, Skype, phone, text, and tweet. One day, a new company decided it was time to fix the complexity of social networking. Because of that, Kelly could get all her communication in one place. For Kelly, social media was easy again. Finally, a new last word in communication exists, and it is WUPHF.


  • identified stakeholders, risks and design requirements
  • devised a technical solution with prioritized functional specifications
  • created UML diagrams for activities, use cases, robustness, sequence diagrams, and wireframes

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