Sakura-Con Registration

Presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA), Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest.  I quickly rose through the ranks of both the Operations and Registration departments during my time volunteering for ANCEA. Before stepping away to concentrate more on school, I was the Registration Manager and responsible for the people, processes, and technology for Sakura-Con attendee registration.

Photo of the elusive Thomas behind the registration booth at ANCEA’s Sakura-Con. Photo by Alexis Leynes

Registration Manager


Balanced registration staff and systems to ensure average wait times for 20,000+ attendees were less than 40 minutes

Hired personnel, defined sub-teams and established communication channels for 110 volunteers within the department

Improved interdepartmental process by creating a training manual for policies, responsibilities, and UI usage

Led a team of 7 developers to document the existing registration system and prototype a replacement system

Asst. IT Manager


Responsible for all computer and network infrastructure planning and deployment for 700+ staff members at the Washington State Convention Center during the Sakura-Con event

Optimized the registration deployment to reduce attendee registration wait times from 3 – 6 hours to less than 1 hour

Created a thin client infrastructure for registration PCs by movin the existing reg-dev codebase to Git, creating build scripts for registration servers, reworking existing reg-dev codebase to enhance usability and reporting functions

Designed a visual deployment guide for all equipment and networking to be performed for registration setup

Wrote a comprehensive registration 27-page system manual for building and configuring the registration servers from scratch

Asst. Network Coordinator


Responsible for the deployment and support of 40+ computers and the network infrastructure for Sakura-Con event.