Most Popular Cat Game

“The Most Popular Cat on the Internet!” is a casual 2D side-scrolling pattern matching game where you, Piper the cat, gather other cats to help you to win the adoration of your human admirers and become the most popular cat on YouTube.

This was a collaborative effort between Cary Kawamoto, Andrew VanKooten, Holden Woelfl and myself – with additional help from Amani Dye (story), Danny Morris (music), and Lori Collins (concept art). This was a sizable project in which I was able to fulfill a large number of duties:

  • Producing
  • Technical writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Integrating together code from other teammates
  • Level design/building in UNITY
  • Scripting game assets and behavior
  • Prototyping cat models and movements
  • Playtesting
  • Creating trailer from storyboards and gameplay footage

Download the game
View the design documention
View the code on GitHub

Watch the trailer below for the story and gameplay footage.