Everett College Advisor Portal

Everett Community College did not have an efficient means for academic advisors to easily audit and provide recommendations for direct-transfer students entering Washington State universities.

This was a solo project in which I determined what the core audience, community college academic advisors, needed to efficiently advise students transferring to Washington State universities. As part of this project, I created an online portal to help academic advisors facilitate an audit of a student’s current course work.

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User Research

Conducted interviews with academic advisors and competitive analysis to answer the question “How can we make academic advisors and transfer students more efficient at determining degree paths and educational goals?”

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Created sketches and an interactive Balsamic prototype for the interface — which were reviewed by the target audience prior to development.

You can see examples of these in the image gallery above.


Developed a database and online portal to addressed the pain points of the existing process.

The solution utilized the following technologies: SQL Server, ColdFusion, Azure SQL Server, GitHub, HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript.

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Documented the design and implementation of this project so future developers can maintain and extend the system.