Freight Commander

The goal of Freight Commander is to simulate the railroad industry as depicted on model railroading layouts by dispatching and tracking freight rolling stock to and from modeled industries.

This system was first created for the Pacific Northwest Region 4dNtrak NRMA model railroading group to provide a means of performing structured switching operations on a modular and dynamically changing layout during exhibition shows. Freight train operations are a great way to interact with a layout, treating it as a linear puzzle game.

The frontend application is connected to a database tracking all train movements during a game session and issues dispatch orders to players.


  • A comprehensive development manual
  • A live project presentation
  • A console app demonstrating basic gameplay and database interactions
  • Entity and Relationship Model Diagrams
  • A fully featured MySQL database with custom views, functions, triggers, and stored procedures for common tasks.

View development manual on GitHub
View code on GitHub


Box art for Freight Commander in the style of classic 90s video games created by Amani Dye.